Ellise Roberts is the name behind the designs of Pebble and Stone Textiles.

She is a Textile Designer and Illustrator based on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia. 

Ellise works from her classic 1963 Caravan Studio 'Eileen Van de Print' where she creates her designs by drawing with a pencil and painting with watercolour and ink. 

Pebble and Stone Textiles embodies Ellise's love of print and pattern, colour and nature. Finding inspiration in her daily walks you will often find her meandering in nature, noticing the less noticed, talking to a passerby ,collecting leaves, feathers and stones or having a tea party with her 4 year old daughter Mila in the caravan.  


2007 Batchelor of Textile Design RMIT - Melbourne

2002 Diploma of Art Screen Print Design RMIT - Melbourne 

For all enquiries, questions and collaborations please contact Ellise on